Upcoming Cosmos Events

This page shows an overview of future events that Cosmos is organizing. A large part of our events are free for all members of the TU/e Community, however, participating in some events requires you to be a Cosmos member. For every event, a link to Facebook is provided with more information on location, where to sign up, and more!

International Holiday Of Pancakes! (2019-03-23)

Join us at the Common Room to celebrate and welcome Spring season on Saturday, the 23rd of March 2019! Come and try all the pancakes your heart desires from around the world! For example, in Russian culture pancakes symbolize the sun and the coming of Spring. Dutch, American, and Russian pancakes are only a few of the pancakes that will be prepared by us! Aside from the above mentioned recipes, we would like to ask YOU to post your favorite recipe, grandma's recipe, or one from back home on this event page! We will go through the posted recipes a few days before the event (TBA) and pick one to cook at the common room on this special day!!! Make sure to include the name of the pancake, origin, ingredients, and the method of making it when you share your recipes on this event page. Don't worry if your recipe was not the selected one! We have come up with an idea to share all your recipes by compiling them all in one nice tiny notebook and share it with everyone attending the event! This way, everyone gets to try out your recipe at home if they didn't get to do so at the common room. Come and join us in this celebration and invite your friends! The event is free to attend. Hope to see you there!

General Members' Meeting 2.5 (2019-03-13)

The focus of GMM#2.5 will be the official documents of Cosmos, such as the Common Room Regulations and the Statutes, as well as attempting to solve the current issues with the lockers. Do you have some improvement points for Cosmos? Make sure to drop by, we will serve pizza and drinks after!

Potluck dinner - February (2019-03-01)

Have you heard of Potluck? You prepare your meal at home (preferably one from your own country), bring it to the dinner and share it with the others - just like everybody else does. This way you get to try amazing food from all over the globe, for the price of your own dinner ;) Afterwards we're going to have drinks in the Hubble Community Cafe. P.S. Preparing food in the Common Room will be difficult if everybody is cooking in the kitchen, so please prepare at home!

Cosmos Pub Quiz (2019-02-22)

Do you know how many oceans there are? Or do you know how old Pavilijoen is? If you know the answer to questions like these and want to test your knowledge while you enjoy a few drinks with your friends, then come to Hubble on February 22nd. Cosmos will be running the bar, and this time you can try out your skills at our pub quiz. Topics will be varied so stay on your toes. Answer the questions in teams of 5 and the winner will win a prize. Hope to see you there!

Past Events

These are the events that were recently organized by Cosmos. Keep a look out for yourself in the pictures!

Cosmos Trip to Leiden [SOLD OUT] (2019-02-16)

Stressed and tired out after exams? Well we have got you covered. Our next trip is going to Leiden, a university town, the birthplace of Rembrandt van Rijn and many more. Here is your chance to witness a couple of Dutch historic landmarks and windmills. Please sign up before they run out! Sign Up link: https://goo.gl/forms/73iRoa5oRFNTypjC2 The ticket price is 10 euros and more information about the payment and schedule will be sent via email.

Board Interest Event (2019-02-11)

Are you interested in becoming part of the board of Cosmos? On the evening of February 11th we'll provide you with more information on what being a board member is all about. Wondering what our functions, tasks and responsibilities are? Why you would want to be board and what you'll have to gain from it? Or maybe you have other questions? Join us in the Energy Forum, in Metaforum! We'll be waiting with answers and cookies :)

MarioKart Tournament (2019-02-09)

Come and battle your friends in a game of Mariokart at the common room on Saturday, 9th of February from 13:00 to 20:00. You can sign up at the common room by writing your name down on the sign-up sheet! Attending the event is free and snacks are provided! See you there!

Common Room 6th Birthday (2019-02-04)

Cosmos is celebrating the Common Room's 6th birthday! The living room of the TU/e campus has provided both internationals and Dutch students with a true home-feeling at the heart of our campus, in Metaforum, for 6 years now. To celebrate this event we invite everyone for cake and drinks in the lunch break on the 4th of February. Hope to see you there!

ACSSE 2019 Chinese New Year's Gala (2019-01-27)

Registration details: ******************* The tickets are sold out !!!! ******************* Online registration: €9 p.p. Come without registration: €12 p.p. Register through the link below: https://goo.gl/forms/nG3e1yDRWurC08rs1 Register by completing the form and follow the provided instructions within to finalize the payment. There are limited spots available, a confirmation E-mail will be sent to you upon successful registration. ******************* The tickets are sold out !!!! ******************* ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Happy Chinese New Year! Come join us in the celebration of the Chinese New Year at TU/e Luna on Sunday the 27th!! Tasty Chinese cuisine, red envelopes containing cash or coupons, interesting games and art performances by many of the talented students. !!!!!! We also have all the alcohol and beverages you can drink !!!!!! Learn about Chinese culture while having a great time! Download the WeChat App to interact with the audience and post live comments ! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Event time: 15:30 – 20:00, 27 Jan, 2019 (Sunday) Location: TU/e, Luna, Corona Zaal Agenda: 15:30 -16:00 Reception 16:00 -18:00 Opening speech, art performances, games 18:00 - 20:00 Dinner, talent show, games

Potluck Dinner - January (2019-01-18)

Just because exams are coming up, it doesn't mean you have to eat instant noodles all the time! Have you heard of Potluck? You prepare your meal at home (preferably one from your own country), bring it to the dinner and share it with the others - just like everybody else does. This way you get to try amazing food from all over the globe, for the price of your own dinner ;) Afterwards we're going to have drinks in the Hubble Community Cafe. P.S. Preparing food in the Common Room will be difficult if everybody is cooking in the kitchen, so please prepare at home!

Cosmos movie night (2019-01-12)

Stressed about the an upcoming deadline or an exam? Come and join us and take a break from all the studying on the 12th of January from 18:15 onwards to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail at the Common room. This event is organized by the Weekend committee from Cosmos student association. The event is FREE and we will prepare the snacks. So, feel free to join us and invite your friends. See you there!

Sports and BBQ Winter Special (2018-12-26)

Do you feel like staying in Eindhoven during the winter holidays? Well, you're not alone. Lara Hofstra has managed to keep the SSCE open on the 26th of December, right after Christmas. The sport halls will be open from 16:00 and will host basketball, football (soccer), badminton and volleyball. Lara Hofstra herself will also give a a Cardio Core class at 17:00. After breaking your sweat, we will end the evening with a BBQ at 18:00. The BBQ will be 7 euros per person and that will include drinks. Vegetarian options are also provided. The link to sign up for the BBQ is in the tickets section.

Christmas Get-Together! (2018-12-19)

Holidays are here, and the TU/e Christmas Market is the best opportunity to get together with your fellows and warm up in front of a glass of Gluhwein! Come next Wednesday and let's cozy up and enjoy a bunch of activities together. We'll have board games, fake snow and others. First glass of Gluhwein is free! You can also take part in our Language Cafe, which will take place there too. * A Language Cafe is your place to be if you want to practice or learn the languages you're interested in, guided by native speakers! Even if you are a beginner, don't be afraid to join. Remember that practice makes perfect! The TU/e Christmas Market is happening in the Markthaal. Entrance is free! Looking forward to seeing you!

Cosmos General Members Meeting (2018-12-18)

The second Cosmos GMM of this academic year! It will be hosted in the Common Room. If you want to influence what Cosmos does and what our future will be, this meeting is the best possible opportunity! The agenda points that will be discussed during this meeting are the following: Opening Agenda Evaluation Report ongoing committees Report past events Future events Financial settlement Q1 Budget for the rest of the year A.O.B.

Cosmos Trip To Maastricht (2018-12-16)

Maastricht is one of the oldest cities in Holland, as you will quickly discover when strolling through the historic inner city.It is chic, classy and has a very different feel to the northern cities - it lies very close to the Belgian and German borders. No visit to the Netherlands is complete without a visit! To trip is full, but you can still sign up for the waiting list: https://goo.gl/forms/PamM1Weh62z86QGl2 Ticket price is 10€, more information will be sent to you personally regarding exact payment details as well.

Cozy winter celebration (2018-12-15)

Can't wait for the holidays to start? We neither! Join us for a warm, gezellig, cozy, celebration of the upcoming winter holidays at the common room on Saturday, the 15th of December from 15:30 to 21:00. We will be starting the preparation of cookies and drinks from 13:30, so feel free to stop by to help us under the warm "fireplace" at the common room. We will be making cookies such as: - Ginger bread - Vanilla short bread - Vegan oatmeal cranberry cookies And for drinks: - Chocolate milk (possible with whiskey cream/candy canes/whipped cream/marshmallows) - Eggnog - Glühwein - Tea We are also planning to watch the following movies starting 4 pm: - Home alone - The Polar Express - Love actually The event is for FREE! Please feel free invite your friends. Come and cozy up on our couches with blankets (we will provide them for you or bring your own). #Free #Cookies #winter #cozy

Blitz Party - 2018 [SOLD OUT] (2018-12-14)

It is that time of the year again! Dust off your dancing shoes and get ready to swing! Blitz Party is back in town again! Blitz is a 1920s - 1940s themed party that will take place on the 14th of December from 20:00 to 2:00! This year we have the honor of co-hosting the amazing Blitz party with ATMOS, which is the association for PDEng students at the TU/e. The party will feature a live jazz band, dancing instructors present at the event and we will wrap up the night with an amazing DJ. Make sure to dress according to the theme of the event. The location is going to be at the Van Abbemuseum! Tickets: - SOLD OUT Cosmos and ATMOS members will get a reimbursement of 3 euros. To get reimbursed please fill in the form below: https://goo.gl/forms/tCQkIBupBlcvdQaB3 Get your bows and garnets ready and signup using the ticket URL button above to attend this amazing event! Invite your friends and family and we will see you there!

Honeymoon is over (2018-12-07)

When the honeymoon is over… "You arrived in Eindhoven this summer, new sceneries and gorgeous weather all around, and you fell immediately in love with your new local environment. Fine, but now the days have become darker and will soon turn grey and gloomy and then the honeymoon may well come to an end. Of course, you’re not a tourist anymore, but you’re studying here for good! Culture shock is now lurking. So take action, don’t let it happen and come to the workshop offered by Cosmos & ESA. There, you will learn what culture shock is and how to anticipate it before it’s too late. And oh yes… bring that one friend along who seems to suffer from culture shock, and together tell us your own stories! Because we want you to learn and exchange with your peers. See you then!" - Vincent Merk, senior trainer professional skills and Community advisor at ESA.

Finnish Independence Day (2018-12-06)

Finland is turning 101 this year, and Cosmos is going to celebrate in style! We'll have some traditional Finnish pastries and Gluhwein and watch the Independence day reception at the president's Castle. Event is free, so feel to drop by to Common Room and join the celebration.

Secret Sinterklaas Gift Exchange [FULL] (2018-12-05)

Tis the season! Sinterklaas has arrived! Join Cosmos and AEGEE on Wednesday the 5th of December at 19:30 in The Common Room for the celebration of Sinterklaas! Prepare for an evening of wholesome Sinterklaas traditions along with snacks and drinks! Sign-up before Friday, November 30 to be a part of this year's gift exchange. Before the event, we would like to give you a small to-do list: 1. We will pair you with a person (shhh! It's a secret!) and you will bring them a gift (max. budget 5 euro). 2. Write a poem for the person! Looking forward to seeing you there!

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